Reader Appreciation and Future Ideas

Hi everyone!

I have been thrilled to see the end results of my ranking list of the Nancy Drew games! Since the entire list was posted on Monday, my blog has received over 6,000 views in just two days!

Seeing all of your comments and shares have made me feel so happy. This blog started out with little to no daily viewers, and now my viewership has skyrocketed!

Thank you all for your support and for reading throughout July. I really appreciate the feedback and positivity, especially Her Interactive.

ethel gif.gif

Now, I need your help!

What would you like to see next from The Senior Detective Blog?

I’m happy to do more ranking lists, maybe on characters and villains, mini-games, puzzles, etc, but what else would you like to see? I’d need a little bit of time to create another ranking list, so I need to fill that space with other things.

Heck, I could just write posts about the game that I’m currently playing, or other random but fun stuff. Let me know! I don’t just want to publish filler posts that nobody is interested in.

Regardless, I’ll keep posting about the games and super-sleuth that we all love, Nancy Drew!

I’ve recently started re-playing “The Phantom of Venice,” so I’ll brew up some interesting things to talk about in the meantime. Perhaps my weird infatuation for killing Nancy? Come on, you know you love it too.


Anyway, I’ll see you soon!




  1. Daniel,

    I’m so glad you’ve been getting the readership this blog deserves. It’s a fantastic one! Anyways, I was thinking about the next blog posts you could do, and I would love if you did a ranking of ‘Game Characters Most Wanted to Return’. Not just villains, but any character at all that you would want to return for a game or cameo or something. I’ve always wanted a few past characters to pop up in a newer game, but sadly they never have. Keep up the great blog!



  2. I adore ranking lists. Favourite villains or favourite characters are great, but what makes Nancy Drew so addictive for me are the puzzles. I’d love to see a top 20 of those!
    I agree wholeheartedly with Megan about having a ranking of “Game Characters Most Wanted to Return (go Professor Hotchkiss!!)”. Who knows, it may even inspire the makers…?

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    • Hi Detective Kevin. I apologize for being so absent this past month; I’ve been busy finishing an internship, starting my junior year of college, and stepping into the editor role for my college newspaper. I do really want to start posting regularly again, and I have a few ranking lists that I’ve been working on. More to come soon, and I hope that you’re well! -Daniel


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