Rank 6: ‘Treasure in the Royal Tower’

Spots six and five are virtually interchangeable on this list since a)they’re basically both the same amount of awesome b) one came right after the other and c) they’ve been flip-flopping spots until today.

Of course, only the best games can make it this far on the list, and “Treasure in the Royal Tower” is more than deserving to take this spot.

It was one of the first games I played, and, with it being the fourth installment of the Nancy Drew series, it was the first grand slam by Her Interactive.


Nancy took a vacation to Wisconsin after her ordeal at the Rank 23: ‘Message in a Haunted Mansion’haunted mansion in San Francisco. She planned on skiing, exploring, and relaxing by the fireplace at Wickford Castle, but we all know that she never gets a break.

First of all, there’s a blizzard outside, so she and the other guests (all two of them) are stuck inside. That’s okay though, there can be plenty of fun had exploring indoors in the old castle. However, we just got wind that someone vandalized the historic library!


Boom, we have ourselves a mystery. Who did it and why? What were they looking for?

Well, the culprit almost has to be one of the people still in the castle. Dexter Egan, the seemingly grumpy owner, works at the front desk. As the game goes on, we learn so much interesting things about him, making him one of the most-layered characters in the whole series.

Jacques Brunais, the resident French ski instructor, is headquartered downstairs by the lockers. He’s a former Olympian (who failed miserably), and he’s trying to avenge his name in his home country. He’s actually a really developed character too.

Another guest, journalist Lisa Ostrum, is a loud talker who enjoys parking it on a comfy chair by the fireplace. She loves to gossip, and we learn a lot about her past and present.

All of the characters are cool and mysterious in this game. I like them all, but no one as much as the final character. She is by far the best Nancy Drew character of all-time (at least to me).

It’s the one, the only, Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss!


She is a barrel of laughs and intrigue throughout the entire game. She’s smart, old, eccentric, and loves fried chicken. She’s definitely the best, even if she can’t manage to remember a simple name like Nancy.

Anyway, her reason for being here is that the old tower that’s been blocked off was imported from France per owner Ezra Wickford’s wishes. The tower belonged to none other than Marie Antoinette, one of the most fascinating women of French history.

You see, Hotchkiss is a scholar of French history, and she wants to squeeze every detail she can out of this castle and it’s belongings. Could she have resorted to vandalizing the library to get what she wants?

We learn a lot about Marie Antoinette, but we also learn a lot about the castle and it’s owners. I love a game with a good backstory, and “Treasure in the Royal Tower” delivers.

Wickford Castle itself is such a cool place. It’s huge, and you could get lost at times, but I like the openness and freeness to explore. Having access to the whole castle is fun, especially as different rooms/areas start to reveal themselves.

The puzzles in this game are fun too. It all ties back to Marie Antoinette or Ezra Wickford, and it’s fantastically done.

I love the multifaceted mysteries that don’t tread too far from the main story. This is a shining example of it. There aren’t really any “busywork” tasks in this game.

Call me morbid, but I also like the various ways that Nancy can die in this game! It sounds weird, but one of the best parts of the game is killing Nancy. I remember at was at my cousins playing, and killed Nancy for probably ten minutes straight. It was great.

I really don’t want to say too much more about this game. It has a bomb cast of characters, an excellent premise, and it flows really well.

Like I said before, “Treasure in the Royal Tower” was the first outstanding game in he series, and for good reason. It’s magical.

Everything about it is fun. If I wasn’t playing at Shadow Ranch right now, I’d be in Wickford Castle.

Tomorrow starts the real countdown: the top five! I can’t believe it’s already here. You can basically figure out by now which games are in it, but not what order!

You may just be surprised. Tune in tomorrow!



  1. At the beginning of this post you pretty much give away what game is being ranked tomorrow. Game #5 right? I really like these reviews you have been making. You do a good job of outlining each mystery without making us readers lose interest. Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks, Kevin! I guess I did give it away (I’m honestly surprised that this is the first time I’ve done it!). I’m glad that you like my reviews in the list, I really enjoy writing them. Since I only have a few games left to rank, I’m going to need new ideas to talk about on here. I’d love to hear any thoughts you have! -Daniel


  2. I guess with these last few games you might want to explain them in more detail (at least if you want to). Like if there is a particular puzzle you liked or a specific area of the game you thought was cool. It might give your readers a better understanding of why you are ranking these games so high. Just my opinion though, feel free to write whatever you want about the games (they’re all awesome anyway).

    Liked by 1 person

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