Rank 15: ‘Ransom of the Seven Ships’

Spot 15 lets us travel to the Bahamas in game 20, “Ransom of the Seven Ships.”

Bess won a free vacation to a resort on Dread Isle, a secluded island in the Caribbean Sea. So, free trip? Heck yeah!


Well, Bess and George arrived at the island before Nancy, and once Nancy arrives, she learns from a frantic George that Bess has been kidnapped (Nancy should know by now that she’s never going to have an actual vacation). The unseen kidnappers left a note for Nancy to uncover directions for finding Bess.

After going on the scavenger hunt, Nancy learns that she must find explorer El Toro’s treasure. He and his fleet of seven ships ended up lost, but the kidnappers know that Nancy can sleuth her way through anything and find his long-lost treasure.

So, treasure hunt time! Throughout the the game, we travel by foot, golf cart, scuba gear, metal detector, cliff, and boat (among other things) on and around the island to find it.

Unfortunately, most of the game is spent doing all of this by yourself since there are only a few characters. You can talk to George in the lobby (and also play as her at times thanks to walkie-talkies), but she isn’t all that talkative as she’s trying frantically to get a radio working.

There’s one other human character, a beach bum named Johnny Rolle. He’s very suspicious, but he claims that he sees people walking throughout the bushes and the island. So, we assume that it’s the kidnappers. Other than that, he’s a cranky Jamaican who likes us out of his hair. Although, there has to be more to him than that.

Johnny, the “unseen people” (if they really exist), and the Gibsons, who own the resort are the only presumptive suspects. They could very well be the ones behind all of this, since it’s apparent that someone has been tracking Nancy for years.

Though it lacks in characters, “Ransom of the Seven Ships” makes up for it with some funny interactive animals.

There is a primate research center on the island, and the monkeys are always causing mischief. The best part: you get to play games with them! They give you prizes when you win, and they laugh at you when you lose. It’s hilarious.

In the lobby, a funny parrot, Coucou, is there to provide us with some help, just like her grandmother Loulou did for us in “Curse of Blackmoor Manor.” She’s great, but she’s very particular about her perch.

The puzzles in this game are fantastic, and I really love how every puzzle is almost related somehow. The details an intricacies in the directions from El Toro’s journal are well done, and I loved the entire game.

The ending is a big, wonderful plot twist, but suspend your disbelief and don’t ruin it for yourself.

Well, there you have it. This was a great game that took a different direction that many of the others. I loved it. This is the top 15, so all of the games are going to be great, and very, very close to each other in quality (which makes it hard to rank in an order!).


Come back tomorrow to see what game takes spot 14!



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  3. Okay I was just reading back over some of these posts and I remembered something about this game. I talked with arglefumph and both of us agree that this game has a problem with the culprit. There are only four characters you can talk to: George, Lulu, Bess, and Johnny Rolle. Since there is only one real suspect, there is no mystery to solve. It’s just a bunch of puzzles to buy time until the ending.

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