Rank 16: ‘The Haunting of Castle Malloy’

The next game on this list is one that I like a lot: case 19: “The Haunting of Castle Malloy

In this mystery adventure, Nancy travels to Ireland because she’s been asked to be the maid of honor in her friend Kyler’s wedding. Seems like a nice, transatlantic vacation, right? Of course not, you should know better than that.

When Nancy first arrives to the castle, she’s driving while talking to Ned on her cell phone when all of a sudden, a white, blurry figure whooshes past her car, causing her to fly off of the road into a ditch (I know it wasn’t really her fault, but Nancy should know better than to talk on the phone while driving!). Anyway, as she exits her car, Nancy hears this strange, eerie wailing noise (creepy).

Anyway, she makes her way to the front doors of the castle, of which she cannot enter because of the crazy old caretaker, Donal. He’s incredibly Irish, and proud of it, as he firmly believes in old folklore, fairies, “the good people,” etc.

Anyway, we finally get into the castle to see Kyler after breaking a window with a huge rock (long story), when we learn that the groom, Matt, is missing!


Matt was staying in the nursery, which is perfectly creepily designed, and one night he just vanished. Donal of course thinks he was kidnapped by fairies, Kyler thinks that Matt is playing a practical joke, and Kit just thinks that he got cold feet.

Boom, Nancy’s in full-fledged sleuth mode. Where is Matt, and what on earth (or beyond) caused us to wreck and is haunting the place? The only people at the castle grounds are Kyler, Donal, and Kit, Matt’s best friend, who does not happen to be his best man (awkward). His headquarters are in the main hall of the castle.

This game has some really good puzzles, and some that are extremely intricate. It’s definitely a game based on puzzles, a lot of which can seem random.


In fact, factors that put this game where it is include the random chores. Sometimes you have to go searching around for no real apparent reason, like picking flowers for the bouquet. Sheering sheep, playing milkmaid, and playing the drums can be fun, but it gets old. Quickly.

This game really is good though, and it would be ranked higher if there weren’t so many good games out there.

The ending, though, is very random and abrupt. Plus, it’s one of the hardest ending sequences of the series.


The atmosphere is perfectly creepy, the puzzles are nice, and there’s really a lot to like about “The Haunting of Castle Malloy.”

Although, a big part of it that’s annoying is Kyler herself. She says she’s all concerned about finding Matt, yet all she does is give Nancy useless tasks while she sits there reading a book for the entire game.

Kit is okay, but I could do without him. Donal is great fun, though. And the mini games in the pub are really fun when you get stuck or bored. I loved the find the differences arcade game (it’s one of my favorite mini games of the series).


The banshee herself (it’s really not a spoiler since she’s the only thing on the game cover) is really well done, too. Every scene she’s in is creepy, her house is in the eerie bog, and her whole backstory is interesting.

This is one of those games that I really want to rank higher, but I’m just not. There’s no shame putting it in the middle though. (Look at me, trying to justify my ranking. It’s my list, I can do what I want!) I guess since it took spot 16, it’s officially on the “best half” side of the list, and I’m okay with that.

If it weren’t for the really hard ending, which I’m not the biggest fan of, I think this game would’ve easily fallen in the top 10.

Check back tomorrow for spot 15! I can’t believe this list is already halfway finished.


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