Rank 17: ‘Sea of Darkness’

Since this spot marks the “best half” of my ranking list, it means that all of the games from this point on are really good; I would recommend all of them.

So, to start out the best half, I’m choosing the newest game: case 32, “Sea of Darkness.”

This was, from what I can remember, a really good game. “From what I can remember” is specifically the reason why I’m choosing to put this game snack dab in the middle. It was a great game, but that’s basically all I can remember out it. I’ve only played it once.

An old, Icelandic ship, the Heerlijkheid, is a popular tourist attraction for Iceland’s Skipbrot festival. However, the current captain of the ship, Magnus, has gone missing. No one, not even his wife, can find him.

So, Nancy arrives to Skipbrot to find Magnus. That’s about all I can specifically tell you about “Sea of Darkness.”

It’s characters were great and well-developed, it had great puzzles, and it was an extremely better installment than its predecessor, “Labyrinth of Lies.”

sea house
I thought it was extremely user-friendly, had a classic yet unique plot line, and had a great feel throughout. It’s great, and perhaps I should really rank it higher, but I just can’t remember that much about it.

Again, it’s puzzles were nice, and I loved the music, setting, and graphics, especially the little movie box thing in the pub.


I just can’t remember that much about the game, just that’s it was great.

So, there you have it. It’s on the best half, so I know it’s not too much misplaced on this list.

If I’m not giving it enough credit, please fill me in on more details! I at least remember the culprit, but I’m not going to spoil anything.

Come back tomorrow to see which game takes spot 16!



  1. Let’s just pretend that rank 17 and onward are the “best” games since 17 technically did not fall in the second half (I never said I was the best mathematician, but I did just spell “mathematician” correctly – that “e” is pretty tricky). \

    Anyway, “Sea of Darkness is a great game, period.


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