Rank 20: ‘The Silent Spy’

We’re at the top 20 already! This spot goes to the rather interesting and long-awaited game, case 29: “The Silent Spy.”

Now, I’m sure some of you will be surprised that this one is ranked so low, since it’s an emotionally driven game (sort of).

Out of nowhere, Nancy gets this message from a top security/FBI type organization that she is to come to Scotland because she has to investigate her mother’s death. We learn that she wasn’t killed in an accident; she was killed while on a secret mission to take down a terrorist group.

However, once Nancy arrives in Glasgow, she learns that the message was a lure from the terrorist organization. She fell right into a trap, but she stays to find out what really happened to her mother.


It turns out that Kate Drew was a spy (that explains Nancy’s wit and passion for snooping). Her mission was to prevent an act of bioterrorism, which she successfully did, but she lost her life in the process.

The premise of this game is pretty fantastic, and there are plenty of moments that satisfy players. However, this game felt like it was trying really hard, even too hard at times.

The characters were pretty good, but again, this is where talking to suspects began turning into pointless clicking as the player gets no option as to what Nancy says.

Also, Nancy’s tone of voice in this game weirded me out. It’s kind of like she was just going with the flow without really sounding exited at all.

Speaking of that, it seems that Nancy rarely has any true feelings of sentiment throughout the entire game. We know she’s tough, but jeez, you’re investigating your mother’s death, would it kill you to sound emotional (ooh, not the best choice of words). For example, it turns out that Nancy barely knew her mother, yet she doesn’t quiver of think twice about anything.

Back to the characters. Bridget, a random tourist, is perky and quirky, yet something feels off about her. I wouldn’t completely trust her; too nice. Ewan, our spy boss, seems to know just about everything. Does he know too much to trust him? Moira, Kate’s spunky partner, seems trusting and still loyal to the Drews. Although, could she be holding something back? Alec, a random guy at the train station, was annoying and cryptic, yet he was useful.

The flow of the game was really nice, but a lot of it felt forced to me. Some of the tasks felt thrown in there just for the sake of having puzzles. Making cookies was fun, though. Some of the spy aspects were great, most of them were actually. Yet, sometimes it felt like none of it was relatively possible.

Carson Drew, Nancy’s dad, is actually a really good part of the game. He is dead set against Nancy’s wishes to uncover the past, and it shows. He’s very believable the whole time, and adds a lot to the story (even if he’s just a phone contact).

Even though it’s at spot 20, this is a really good, fun game. It was just really, really hard. I cheated my way through most of it. Some of the games in higher spots may not even be as good as this one, but I just favor them more.

That’s it. “The Silent Spy?” A solid title of the Nancy Drew series.

Check in tomorrow to see which game takes spot 19!


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