Rank 22: ‘Danger by Design’

Spot 22 takes us to Paris, France as we work for a fashion designer in case number 14: “Danger by Design.”

Nancy gets hired to work undercover for a rising fashion designer, Minette. Her erratic behavior and lurking deadlines have caused some apprehension from her sponsors, including that she is never seen without a white mask.

It’s our job to figure out just what is causing her to act so strangely; why is she so behind in her work?

Well, Her Interactive produced of the most memorable characters of the series with Minette. She’s a whack job. She goes off on random screaming, crying, and laughing spells when she’s not sneering at you or giving you the strangest tasks. As if we don’t think she’s odd enough, the game slowly reveals more about what she’s capable of.

We also work for her assistant, Heather McKay, who is pretty nice, but also pretty weird. Although, she does put up with a lot.

The other main characters, Jean Michel Traquenard, Dieter von Schwesterkrank, and Jing Jing Ling, are all sorts of fun and weirdness. This game definitely brings it when it comes to its characters. They’re all fun, but they’re also all calculating and sneaky.

So, this game has its pros with its cast of characters and setting. It’s plot, which starts out nicely, takes some weird turns.

Minette’s studio is in an old moulin (a windmill), which was originally owned by Noisette Tornade. The game turns into a quest to find out what happened in a war years and years ago, but it all comes full circle eventually, even if it really doesn’t have any relation to the original mystery.

This game was pretty good, but not great. That’ll probably be a recurring theme with a lot of these games in the middle.

The puzzles were okay, some really fun actually, but they’re pretty forgettable too. Some of the tasks were annoying and didn’t serve much of a purpose. There are also some plot holes, but I’m not going to spoil anything.

So, why is this game placed where it is on the list? It gets boring fast. Really fast.

I get the feeling of finishing the game “because I have to,” not simply because I want to.

It’s a nice thought, but the game just drags at times. I’m starting to reconsider putting it this high on the list, but it’s too late to change it (at least for this edition of the list). Maybe I should’ve switched this and “Message in a Haunted Mansion,” but I think the lasting memory of Minette herself and some other small factors just edge the former out by a hair.

After all, Minette is “rude.” Really “rude.”

There you go. I will say that this “middle section” of this ranking list is way harder to organize than the “worst” or the “best” sections. Who knows, maybe in a year I’ll redo the ranking list, and the results might be different.


Also, this game makes me upset that mint chocolate chip cookies do NOT curl up at the edges in real life!

Tune in tomorrow to see which game takes spot 21!



  1. I know a lot of people consider “Blue Moon Canyon” to be the official end of the Classic Era, with “Danger by Design” the beginning of the “Hit and Miss” era, and I completely agree. This game just didn’t do it for me. I agree that Minette is an absolutely unforgettable character, and she would have rightfully earned a spot on my personal list of all-time ND characters – if it weren’t for the game’s ending. The supposed “twist” of why Minette wears a mask made me want to punch my computer screen, haha. As did the rest of the ending. (“Oh my! You’re blocking me! This is making me so tired, I’m going to faint!”) I mean, come on…

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