Rank 25: ‘Trail of the Twister’

We’re back in the United States for spot number 25 on my ranking list of the Nancy Drew games, and it goes to mystery number 22: “Trail of the Twister.”

Now, the title of the game sounds really cool, and the initial plot is solid too.

P.G. Krolmeister (he must be richer than Oprah since “Krolmeister” is the brand for just about everything in the games) calls Nancy to Oklahoma because his team of storm chasers is trying to win a $100 million grant, and their intern was just injured in a storm (Sonny Joon, maybe?). But it turns out that it wasn’t an accident. So, Nancy is undercover to find out who is sabotaging the team.

Cool premise, right? Well, it gets even cooler. You get to take pictures of clouds and chase tornadoes while doing some hardcore snooping.

The game isn’t bad until it turns into chore city, and trust me, it turns into chore city pretty quickly. Debbie, one of the team’s coordinators, loves to dish out chores to Nancy as any boss would do to an intern. But, since Nancy’s undercover, she has to take it.

And some of the chores are so, so dumb. How on earth is it plausible to suck prairie dogs into a vacuum?

pa storess
One of the chores, buying supplies for a sample emergency kit, is kind of fun because you have to stay under budget. Plus, it introduces you to the best part of the game, Ma ‘n Pa’s General Store and local museum. There are some cool games in there, and Pa is by far the best character in the game. He and Scott are the only ones who have any depth to them.

Scott, the leader of the storm chasers, is stern and mean-spirited (at least I thought so), but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Debbie is just flat out annoying.

The other characters are nice. Frosty is kind of weird, and screams like a girl (no spoilers). Chase is pretty cool, but gets kind of old too.

The worst part of the game (well, a part of multiple worst parts) is the rat/mouse trap. Not only does it take forever, but you have to do it at least three times!!! It’s boring.

Driving around town got really boring too. It wasn’t the best feature. Although, it was fun wrecking into other cars (hey, it’s just a game. Ever play GTA?).

There are some other fun parts of the game, but this is still the bottom part of the ranking list. While there were some fun and tense moments, there was just more bad than good to “Trail of the Twister.”

To me, this game had potential, but it blew it with the nonsense chores. I wasn’t a huge fan.

Although, it did introduce us to the fictional candies that keep popping up in almost every game. I’ve wanted to try these so badly.

Come back tomorrow to see which games takes spot 24!



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