Rank #27: ‘The Creature of Kapu Cave’

Well, here it is, the game that just about has the universal reputation of being bad: “The Creature of Kapu Cave.”

To most, it’s basically the worst or second-to-worst game. To me though, it doesn’t get the credit that it deserves (even if it doesn’t deserve all that much).

Nancy signs up to assist an entomologist (a person that studies bugs) in Hawaii (another free “vacation?”). Anyway, once she arrives on the island, she has to get her rental car from an interesting fellow named “Big Island Mike.”


However, in true Nancy Drew fashion, Nancy has to work to get the car. So, while collecting shells on the beach, Frank and Joe Hardy suddenly appear! (Although, they look very different compared to their character designs from “Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon“).

Anyway, you meet them because they’re apparently spying on Big Island Mike and his daughter Pua (yeah, that’s a name apparently).

Once Nancy finally gets the keys to the van, she makes her way to Dr. Quigley Kim’s camp only to find that it’s been ransacked!

Through bad ham radio connections, phone calls to the Hardy Boys, and frequent trips to the Hilihili Research Center (a high-tech, top secret plant and seed laboratory) Nancy finally reached Quigley.


So, the mystery? Well, Quigley needs Nancy to figure out exactly what is causing the sudden spike of moth larvae/flag beetles (I don’t quite remember). Also, we’re supposed to figure out what is destroying the pineapple crop (is it related? Who knows.).

Yes, that’s basically the mystery in a nutshell: what the heck is going on with some insects and pineapples. Or, more importantly, who or what is responsible.

Yes, it’s a weird plot, but somehow it all ties itself together in the end. I though it was pretty interesting actually.


The characters make the game for me. Quigley is nutty and pretty funny with her “digressions;” Dr. Malachi Craven (the chief operator of the Hilihili Research Center) is cranky (temperamental really), yet super smart and suspicious; Big Island Mike is weird and jolly, and Pua is just Pua.

Playing as the Hardy Boys is kind of fun. They’re stuck at Big Island Mike’s Immersion Excursion for the whole game doing chores basically.

The one thing though, the ONE thing that ruins this game for me, is the frass collecting. SO MUCH FRASS COLLECTING, SORTING, AND ANALYZING. It’s confusing, annoying, and I cheat every time.


Some of the other puzzles are dumb too, but doable. The Hilihili is the most interesting place, and snooping throughout the facility is really fun.

But, why is it called “The Creature of Kapu Cave” when only 1/10 of the game happens at Kapu Cave? You decide, I have no explanation.


This review has been really weird, but for this game, it’s hard to digress into anything without spoiling the plot. Maybe that’s a reason to why it’s a “bad game.” I don’t know.

The verdict: I like this game. It’s weird, confusing, and different, but I like it. Unfortunately, its flaws prohibit me from ranking it any higher. But I actually do lke the game.

Well, that’s all I really have to say, I guess. Check back tomorrow to see the next spot on the list!


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