Rank #30: ‘Tomb of the Lost Queen’

#30 on my list is another newer game, #26: “Tomb of the Lost Queen.”

Now, I actually had pretty high expectations for this game. I mean, it was the game following “Alibi in Ashes” (which you’ll eventually discover is one of my all-time favorites), it takes place in Egyptian pyramids/burial chambers, and it has a really cool title and cover art. What’s not to like?

Well, it landed the third lowest spot on my list, but not because it was a bad game. Some parts I really liked. Like a previous game on my list, I’ve only played this game once too, and until writing this review, I haven’t had the urge to replay it.

bird puzzle 01

Here’s a little summary. Nancy goes to the site in Cairo Egypt where a previous expedition experienced trouble and the team never returned. In the present day, a new team has finally come to the tomb, only for its lead archaeologist to be attacked and sent to the hospital. So, Nancy comes to figure out what happened to him and to the original expedition.

It actually is a really cool, classic Nancy Drew premise, and I thought it would be fun. Like I said before, the whole feel of the game as well as

First of all, this is one of those transitional games where Her Interactive decided to change the entire game window interface (again). Out of all of the changes they have made over time, I have agreed that it was better for the games. That is, until this game came out.

tomb queen

I liked starting at Nancy’s center of operations, and I of course clicked through her entire scrapbook and read the “How to be a Detective” book laying there too. Plus, the game window was sleek and simple, leaving almost everything open for the mystery to unravel in front of you.

Well, Tomb of the Lost Queen changed that. Her Interactive turned the game window into a brighter menu that takes up the whole bottom of the screen (reverting back to old times?). Plus, it involves a task list with ACTUAL CHEATS. IT GIVES YOU THE ANSWERS IF YOU CLICK LONG ENOUGH!

Okay, enough about the game window, but that is a tiny reason as to why I didn’t like this game initially.

Onto the setting. It is beautifully done, really. The hieroglyphics looked outstanding and the tunnels and secret passages in the tomb(s) were masterfully crafted (I did say that I wouldn’t factor in graphics in my ranking, but this is more about setting).


The characters, eh. Jamila is a whack job obsessed with the “Annunaki” (Her Interactive’s version of the Illuminati); she was pretty funny and fun to talk to. Abdullah is old, cranky, and a  classic character; he was kind of annoying and ill-tempered. Lily is completely annoying and thinks that she knows everything (although, I don’t recall ever seeing her DO anything?). Dylan was a pretty cool tour guide who didn’t do much either; he was just kind of there.

Also, the best part of the game was having Professor Hotchkiss as a phone contact (Go, Team Hotchkiss!)! She was funny the entire time.

Why is this game on the lower-end of my list? Well, the dialogue was way too long. And, to my dismay, the player had hardly any say in what Nancy was going to say in conversation. It was nearly all automatic.


Second, the puzzles were really hard. I cheated a lot. However, the big reason why this game is not one of my favorites is that, like some of the other games, I had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes that’s fun in a first play-through, and it kind of was.

I think that while changing up the design of the games, Her Interactive didn’t polish this one enough. All in all, this was NOT a bad game. As you might see throughout my list, I’m not ranking these games purely on “are they good or bad?” It’s highly based on opinion, and “Tomb of the Lost Queen” just is not one of my favorite games.

Although, now I want to play it again.

Keep checking in to my blog as I keep revealing more of my list!



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  3. Another creeper game…no hoke if you played this game like 3 times you would start craving it…the puzzles the traps the history the education it is in my top 5…but I do agree the interface change was not cool…you know what I miss about Nancys bedroom besides what you mentioned? The sound of the lawnmower, I would look at the scrap book and listen to that sweet purr…:)

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