Rank #31: ‘Secrets Can Kill’

It’s the game that started it all: “Secrets Can Kill.” Unfortunately for it, though, it takes one of the bottom spots on this list.

For this title, I chose to rank the original and the remastered version together, since, at least to me, there doesn’t seem to be that much difference in story line or quality.

Here’s the premise: A high school boy, Jake Rogers, is found dead at the bottom of a school stairwell, and Nancy’s Aunt Eloise suggests that she come investigate. So, Nancy goes around looking for obscure clues while interviewing students who do not want to talk. At all. Throughout the entire game.


I never fully got through Her Interactive’s original “Secrets Can Kill” because a) the disc changing was tedious, and b) my computer(s) almost never    worked right with the software. However, for a first game, taking on a murder is pretty bold. That’s probably about the only bold thing about it (besides the fact that in one of the editions, Nancy gets a GUN).

So, this game is just one big set of riddles thrown around all over the place in the school and local diner (It’s never really explained how all of these clues got there though. Did Jake know he was getting murdered?).

fighting manatees

All of the clues lead to unlocking secrets, and a few other items, until the culprit is eventually revealed.

For a first game that had no predecessors to model itself after, it wasn’t bad. Compared to the rest of the series, it’s pretty bad.

There’s no real pace to this game, as the player is kind of thrown into everything without much to proceed. The characters are extremely reluctant to talk to Nancy (Out of nowhere, dialogue just quits like someone hung up the phone). And a lot of the game is just boring/doesn’t make sense.


Although, it IS the first game in the series, so it deserves a few props. There are moments in the original and remastered “Secrets Can Kill” that are both fun and intriguing. Like I keep saying, none of these games are all bad.

So, there you have it. “Secrets can Kill:” not that good.

Check back tomorrow to see which game takes the next spot!



  1. The remake of this game earns major points from me for one reason: they were somehow able to read my childhood mind. Exploring the library in the original game is a terrifying experience – that music still gives me the creeps – and I was absolutely convinced someone was watching me the whole time. It made me dread entering the library, and it was perfect. So what did they do in the remake? While exploring the library, they added the sound effects of someone activating the alarm and slamming the front door. Meaning someone really was watching you the whole time. I was nineteen when I played the remake, and that moment left me shaking like a little kid. My brain couldn’t comprehend that it had actually happened, that my childhood fear had actually just been confirmed. Well played, HER. Well played indeed.

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