Rank #32: ‘Labyrinth of Lies’

Last place on my complete ranking list of the Nancy Drew games is mystery number 31, “Labyrinth of Lies.” While it’s the second newest title in the series, it’s the first “worst” game in my opinion.

I use the term “worst” lightly because none of the games are completely bad. However, this game is not good. Let me tell you why.

When I got this game after having been taking on the wild ride that is “The Shattered Medallion,” I thought to myself, “Okay, let’s take a trip to Greece in a normal, mildly plot-twisty adventure.” Well, that’s not what I was in for a lot all.


The game’s plot is supposed to center around Nancy investigating the sudden disappearance of Greek artifacts at a museum. Meanwhile, a play, “Persephone in Winter,” is being rehearsed throughout the game as a part of an event with the museum.

Therefore, most if not all of the characters in the game are actors in the troupe. Although, unless they play any other color besides annoying and useless, they’re not that good.

So, we’re in the museum, which, if it contains as little artifacts as it seems, is a terrible excuse for a museum in the first place. Then, randomness occurs, and I mean randomness.


For some reason, beneath the museum and theater stage, is an incredibly complex systems of sets for the play, including fire. Now I’m no expert, but doesn’t a roaring, unprotected fiery lava pit backstage near curtains and wooden sets spell a problem? I think so, but I guess the laws of physics don’t apply in theater (cue “Defying Gravity“).

Pair that labyrinth-y nonsense with some boring/sometimes impossible puzzles and bland, useless characters, and you have “Labyrinth of Lies.” Although, there are some, albeit short, instances of fun and interesting gameplay.

fiery doom

Sure, other games can be boring, have hard puzzles, and contain annoying characters. So why does Labyrinth of Lies receive the detrimental last spot on my list? Well-


This game, in my opinion, was not user-friendly or well-paced at all. Even with the hints and task list, I went to the Internet and cheated, big-time.

Do you want to know another secret as to why I really do not favor this game? I’ve only played it once. I have usually played each game twice, if not more frequently to discover more content and to play them on different difficulties. Not “Labyrinth of Lies.”


Heck, I barely remember half of what really happened (or was I just blindsided by the random plot-twists and impossible gameplay?). To be fair, the ideas behind the plot are interesting and a good choice for this type of game. However, it all just got lost to me.

My subconscious probably blocked the game out of my memory, and for good reason. I played it and somehow finished it because I had to, not because I wanted to. Although, we did get to see Nancy from behind for the first time ever!

So, there you have it. “Labyrinth of Lies” is most definitely my least favorite of the Nancy Drew PC games. When it comes to Ancient Greece, watch Hercules instead.

lab of lies

Check back tomorrow to see which game takes spot number 31!



  1. I recently replayed this one. I do agree the setting was just completely unrealistic. It was very cool and fun to explore though. I remember doing those image puzzles for a long time only to find out nothing happened when you solved them all! Argh!

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  3. Okay there is so much I want to say but I won’t because it is not my place. The one thing that is completely UNTRUE is the Hercules sentence. It is LOOSELY BASED on the myth if you are talking about the Disney version. This game had completely truth in the facts maybe not all but most of the facts. I would rather play the game for the facts than watch Hercules for facts.

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  5. I totally felt the same way. I usually have fond memories of SOMETHING about a game, something that sticks to me, but this game totally just missed the mark for me compared to some of the other games. Sure, I appreciated the cool designs of the sets, but I also felt completely at a loss of what to do next in the game. So much time spent wandering aimlessly, wondering what I had missed. Ugh.

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  6. last place? Uhhh ok I did not see that coming..I have played this game about 3 times…I was annoyed at first…but it is a creeper game, like Alibi in Ashes I hated it at first and then I played it again and started liking it. I will list the things that completely fell flat..I HATE when Nancy tries to solve an intricate plot in one day. WHen I heard the characters say the play was in a few hours I was annoyed, like really? They should have given her a job at the museum, had a gift shop, had some tasks for her to do and had it last more then a few hours. she should’ve been staying at a hotel or a hostel (which for a young traveler is more appropriate) and we should’ve seen more of Greece. I did like the characters, I thought the dialogue was cute and funny and I liked many of the puzzles, this is mid pack for me not the worst. 🙂

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