Pre-Ranking Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my posts, I intend to rank all of the games in the Nancy Drew adventure series. I’ve looked at numerous lists with which I’ve somewhat agreed or have tremendously disagreed. Of course, it’s hard to agree on which games are the best; it’s all subjective!

I did like arglefumph’s top ten best/worst list, but I intend to rank them ALL, starting with the bottom and ending with the best. I have trouble calling any game “bad” or “the worst in the series.” None of the games are “bad,” as all of them have some sort of charm that deserves credit.


With that said, I’d like some opinions on how I’m going to rank the games. The final decision will be down to my preferences, but it’d be interesting to see what all factors I should consider in ranking the games.

No, I’m not going to make a rubric and rank the games in different subcategories numerically. Then, the highest scoring game would win on paper, but maybe not necessarily in my sleuthy heart (It’s all in fun. I don’t really take the games THAT seriously…or do I?). And no, Dossier games will not be included in the list since they are completely different.

suspects 5

Some of the basic criteria I’m going to consider when constructing the list will be game length, character variety and development (Go Team Hotchkiss!), plot and plot holes, puzzle variety and difficulty, and user-friendliness (meaning that the player is not stuck while having no clue what to do next).

I’m not going to factor in the quality of graphics as a reason to promote or demote a game, and I’m not going to let “fan favorites” or “universally hated” accolades to guide my decisions either. After all, we all have different opinions.

Are there any other factors that I should consider when making my list? Please comment and share! I’d love to see what other passionate sleuths have to say!

Note: I will NEVER use the three letter abbreviations like “CUR” or “SAW” to address any game. I think they’re dumb, and half of them don’t even make any sense.


I plan on posting my list in day-by-day segments from June 30 to July 31, which will reveal one spot everyday for 32 consecutive days. That way, it’ll be a fun reveal everyday and make it more interesting than one or a few overly-long posts.

Also, in addition to the games themselves, I’d love to make more lists, like the top 10 or 20 characters; best in-game mini games; best recurring items, characters, and phone contacts; and even more! Any suggestions? Again, let me know by commenting, and share with your friends!

Stay sleuthy, everyone!


  1. Daniel,
    I’ve been greatly enjoying your countdown so far, and mostly happily agreeing with the order of games you’ve chosen! I couldn’t agree more about the abbreviations of the games. Every time they were used, I’ve always had to look up what they meant because you’re right, most of the time they don’t make sense at all. Your final countdown post is going to end up on my birthday, July 31st! Unless of course I counted that wrong. Great blog! It’s a nice distraction for a few moments everyday.


    • Thanks, Megan! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog and that you’ve been keeping up with it. I’m really happy with the few “regulars” I’ve gotten so far. This blog has just been a really fun journey focusing on something that I’m passionate about. While I’d like to expand my readership a lot more, the followers I have now are great. And you’re right, I’ll be posting my number one spot on your birthday! Hopefully it’s one that you like! 😀 Please feel free to comment, add your opinions, and share the blog whenever you like.


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