Frass, Frass, FRASS!

From the title of this post, it’s easy for fans to tell that I’m talking about a task from the most infamous game in the Nancy Drew series: The Creature of Kapu Cave.

However, I, for some reason, actually really like this game. Almost everyone seems to rank this game as one of the worst, if not THE worst, titles in the series. Sure, the frass collecting is annoying (but not impossible!) as well as some of the other tasks, yet I look past that and see an intriguing story line and some wacky characters.

The best part of the game by far is the Hilihili Research Center. It’s this top-secret plant-mutating facility in Hawaii that is working on some groundbreaking discoveries. Of course, Nancy so conveniently “breaks in” and uncovers the mystery there, which in turn helps solve the entire multifaceted mystery.

Dr. Malachi Craven is the center’s chief operator, and he is certainly a standout character. He has a huge temper, yet the masterful Nancy figures out how to squirm her way around conversations in order to get on his good side. He always seems like he is hiding something, which he is of course, and  he makes the game to me.


Dr. Quigly Kim, the entomologist, is crazy and fascinating as well, and even though she spends most of her time up in a tree, at least she has some quirky qualities that make her stand out. Hey, Nancy wouldn’t be in Hawaii if it weren’t for her.

The part of the game that does get a bit annoying, though, is the time spent at Big Island Mike’s Immersion Excursion. Both Big Island Mike and his daughter Pua get on my nerves.

Playing as the Hardy Boys is always fun, and you get to do just that for basically half of the game. But their tasks are pretty monotonous (looking at you, fishing challenge).

So, I guess the whole point of this post was to assure Her Interactive that at least one person likes Creature of Kapu Cave!  I mean, it’s not my favorite by a long shot, but I still like it.

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