Recent Gameplay at Thornton Hall

It’s been a little crazy since I returned home from school after my sophomore year, so I haven’t had a lot of time to post to the blog recently; but I’m here now!

I just started to play “Ghost of Thornton Hall” on my iPad. Starting out, I can tell that I’m not going to like it as much as the usual PC adventures. However, it’s really convenient if you need to set the game down for a minute (and it automatically saves itself for you!).

The graphics are pretty nice, although the people look a little bit different than on the computer. It’s refreshing to see the game from a whole new perspective, but it is a bit difficult to find and pick up some of the items. Although, for the iPad and computer versions, a lot of the game is REALLY dark. Sometimes it’s even hard to see important items with the brightness all the way up.


The front gates to the Thornton Manor on Blackrock Island in Georgia 

The game is about Nancy helping the Thornton family find their missing cousin/daughter/fiancé Jessalyn. Nancy gets a call from paranormal expert Savannah Woodham (a phone contact from “Shadow at the Water’s Edge“) asking her to take the case since Nancy’s a skeptic.

On the family’s island is their huge, yet crumbling, manor, a huge graveyard filled with Thorntons, and the old burned house, which is where the family ghost, Charlotte, died. Charlotte continues to haunt the family, and Nancy, throughout the game while Nancy tries to find Jessalyn. She can even kill Nancy, which is weird, but cool.

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the game (which has been critically hailed by practically everyone) the first time I played it a few years ago, and I haven’t played it since. I downloaded the game on my iPad at least a year ago, but I’m determined to play it through this time.

*Cue 90’s sitcom audience group “awww” in disappointment sound effect*

charlotte gif

One of the Charlotte hauntings scenes 

It turns out that the game is only free for 60 minutes of gameplay. Lame! Well, since I already have the game for PC, I’m going to switch over and catch up.

*Enter a bunch of time spent getting reacquainted with computer gameplay and catching up on the storyline*

Ah, there we go, all caught up. Perhaps I didn’t like this game the first time because I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to be doing. However, so far this game is proving to be pretty awesome.

One thought: what on earth is Ned (Nancy’s boyfriend) doing spending all of his time (including nights!) at Bess’ (Nancy’s best friend) house. Are their lives that boring without Nancy that they have to talk to her on the phone constantly while in the same room? Are they secretly hooking up? Are they planning a surprise party for Nancy? The world may never know. Good thing Nancy isn’t the jealous type.


Harper Thornton 

The characters in the game are pretty annoying and extremely touchy. When they’re not lying through their teeth, they’re flying off the handle and refuse to talk to Nancy. They are layered though, which allows for a pretty interesting plot. The only particularly interesting, non-phantasmic, character is Harper. She is a spunky bag of crazy and I love it. At least one member of the family has a sense of humor.

Obviously, it’s Nancy we’re talking about here, so she (we) finds Jessalyn. But that’s not even the end of the game; we still have to figure out what exactly happened to Charlotte (We eventually find out some things, but it’s never really cleared up. Or is it? You decide.).

The game actually has three alternate endings, which is pretty cool. But if you play, and if you know Nancy, you’ll know the true path to take. Although, I really want to replay the last part to see how the last sequence(s) go.


One of the game’s many puzzles 

Overall, I don’t think I gave “Ghost of Thornton Hall” a fair chance when I first played it. It was actually a really fun game with some hard (not impossible) puzzles and a nice pace. If I ever make a ranking list (which I’m anticipating for this blog!), you’ll definitely see this on the better half rather than the worst.

If you’ve played this game and want to discuss any characters or plot holes, type away! I love a good chat about Nancy Drew games.

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