My Current Case: Alibi in Ashes

Now that my initial step into the blog-iverse is finished, what’s a better way to follow up my first blog post than to discuss the Nancy Drew game that I’m currently playing? For future reference (unless I state otherwise), I’ll keep my posts and discussions spoiler-free.

Also, Nancy Drew had her 86th anniversary yesterday, April 28. I’d rather call it her birthday, though, so Happy Birthday, Nancy! Since she started out in River Heights, I chose this game (perfect timing!):

town halll

Game #25, “Alibi in Ashes,” is the case I’m solving (or I should say re-solving) at the moment. It’s pretty hectic at my university right now with it being the end of the semester, so I chose a title that I think is simpler than many of the others (and I’ve played it a bunch of times because it’s one of my favorites).

As the box and title sequence reveal, Nancy gets trapped inside of the Old Town Hall, which is completely on fire. Since she was seen escaping the building, Nancy is the prime arson suspect. So, as Nancy is stuck in jail, her best friends, Bess, George, and Ned, have to work together to help get her out.

Like I said, this game is one of my favorites! I really enjoy switching between Nancy and her friends; it’s a cool aspect of the games that doesn’t happen often (well, barely at all). I liked learning about the protocol of an arson investigation, and the police department was pretty cool. You get to analyze fingerprints, update the evidence board, and use a chromatograph machine to determine accelerants.

suspect profiles

This game is also full of interesting suspects who all have potential motives for framing Nancy: Deirdre Shannon, Alexei Markovic, Toni Scallari, and Brenda Carlton. All four were present at the scene of the fire, so they’re suspects of the police investigation as well. Each one has a distinct personality, and they’re only willing to disclose information to some of Nancy’s friends.

Along with driving through town searching for clues and “playing” around with the evidence, fans get a chance to explore Nancy’s house! She has a huge bedroom, actually, and it’s full of memorabilia from past games and cases.

As for the puzzles, this game has a pretty decent amount. Lock-picking and sound mixing are some of the fun ones.

number puzzle

The in-game mini games in “Alibi in Ashes” are some of my favorites in the series as well. I really love the number punch game where you have to press numbers 1 through 41 in order without messing up. It scrambles them up each time you play it, and it never gets old. The other game, which is inside the ice cream shop in town, is called “Swap A Lot.” It’s one of those puzzles where you have to unscramble the words by moving letters vertically until they’re all in the right spots. All of the phrases are quotes from the past games, and it just to the fun.

By the end, it’s kind of obvious who the culprit is, but it’s really fun getting there! I’m not going to spoil the ending or the story line, so I’ll leave it at that. Here’s a trailer of the game!

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